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Tarinataituri in English

My name is Timo Aunio, alias Tarinataituri. I am at your service, if you need a guide in Sammatti, or Tytyri Mine Experience in Lohja. I have a Master's degree in Education, and I've worked as a classroom teacher 35 years. Over the years I also have written many kinds of texts. I still write daily. I also can help you if you like to improve your Finnish language.

A few years ago I completed the course of Authorised Tourist Guide in Lohja. My favourite targets in Lohja are Tytyri Mine Experience, the medieval Church of St Lawrence and Sammatti, the little village where Elias Lönnrot was born, lived and died. There are lots of  interesting places to visit in Lohja.

This year Lohja celebrates its 700th anniversary. It means many happenings and guided tours here. You can join Tarinataituri in Sammatti and learn on my guided tours more about Elias Lönnrot, the famous Finnish doctor, botanist and writer, who compiled the Finnish national epic Kalevala. We visit the little Paikkari Croft, where Elias Lönnrot was born,  the Lammi House, where he lived his last years and finally Sammatti Church and cemetery, where Lönnrot is buried.

You are warmly welcome to Lohja and Sammatti!