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Tarinataituri in English


My name is Timo Aunio. I have completed a Master of Education degree, and I've worked as a classroom teacher nearly 30 years. Over the years I also have written many kinds of texts, e.g. so called opening days for school, for many years. Some of my texts are published as a book Aamupaloja (Kirjapaja 2008). I still continue writing, but some different ways. If you want some help with your Finnish language, please contact me.

Making videos has been my hobby for years. I started making Super-8 films in 1970's, but last decades I've made only videos. I mostly make documents: video capturing from weddings, holiday trips and demonstration videos, but I also have handwrited and directed some long movies executed with pupils in video making club at school. It would be a pleasure for me to make a video for you, for example in your wedding, birthday or some else.

For a couple years ago, I completed the course of Authorised Tourist Guide in Lohja. My favourite targets in Lohja are Tytyri Mine Experiment, the medeaval Sant Lawrence Church of Lohja and Sammatti, the little village where Elias Lönnrot was born and died. There are also many other interesting places to visit with you. Please, contact me to get me as your guide in Lohja.

My newest  product is connected with Elias Lönnrot, the famous Finnish doctor, botanist and writer, who assembled the Finnish national epic Kalevala. Elias Lönnrot was born in the little Paikkari croft, and he returned to Sammatti after 50 years. His last years he lived isolated, far from the city life, in the Lammi's house.  In spite of being retired, Lönnrot worked regularly in Lammi's house finalizing among other things his Swedish-Finnish dictionary.

Now you can go in the footsteps of Elias Lönnrot with me on guided tours starting from the Paikkari croft  via the Lammi's house, ending to Sammatti Church and cemetery, where Lönnrot is buried. The price of the two hours tour including entrance fees to the Paikkari croft and the Lammi's house is € 100 for groups max. 5 persons. Groups more than 5 persons the price is 20 € / person. There is possibility to lunch (not included) if separately agreed.

Please, contact me to get more information or to make a reservation for guided tours. You can make a phone call +358442726256 or send an e-mail to

Warmly welcome to Sammatti!