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Tarinataituri in English


I have a Master's degree in Education, and I've worked as a classroom teacher over 30 years. Over the years I also have written many kinds of texts. Some of them are published as a book Aamupaloja (Kirjapaja 2008). I still write daily. If you like to improve your Finnish language, please contact me.

I have been filming since 1970's, starting from Super-8 films, but last decades I've made only videos. I mostly make documents: weddings, holiday trips and demonstration videos. In addition, I have made movie scripts and directed some long movies executed with pupils in filming club at school. It would be a pleasure for me to make a video for you, for example, at your wedding, birthday or some else.

In 2017, I completed the course of Authorised Tourist Guide in Lohja. My favourite targets in Lohja are Tytyri Mine Experiment, the medieval Lohja's Church of St. Lawrence and Sammatti, the little village where Elias Lönnrot was born, lived and died. There are number of other interesting places to see in Lohja. Please, contact me to get me as your guide in Lohja.

My newest product is connected to Elias Lönnrot, the famous Finnish doctor, botanist and writer, who compiled the Finnish national epic Kalevala. Elias Lönnrot was born in the little Paikkari Croft, and he moved back to Sammatti after 50 years. He spent his final years far from the city life, in the Lammi House.  In spite of being retired, Lönnrot worked regularly in the Lammi House finalizing among other things his Swedish-Finnish dictionary.

Now you can step in Elias Lönnrot's footsteps with me on guided tours starting from Paikkari Croft  via the Lammi House, ending to Sammatti Church and cemetery, where Lönnrot is buried.  


Warmly welcome to Sammatti!

Elias Lönnrot tähyilee jo ensi kesään!         

Tavataan taas ensi kesänä opastusten merkeissä Sammatissa Paikkarin torpalla, Lammin talolla ja keskustassa! Seuraa Tarinataiturin ilmoittelua näillä kotisivulla, Facebookissa sekä paikallislehdissä.

   Elias Lönnrotin patsas Paikkarin torpan lähellä SammatissaElias Lönnrotin patsas Paikkarin torpan lähellä Sammatissa